Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bavaria Dreamin'

A: someone is holding my phone hostage!
J: wait what??
A: I realized that I didn't have it
J: sorry for the delay I am in the midst of a big apartment clean-up, but you have my full attention
A: s'ok
A: and I im'd greg asking him to call it
A: thinking it was just under some laundry or something
J: and what happened?
A: and this guy totally picked up
J: and?
A: but was completely incoherent and then hung up
J: !
A: and then I called on KR's phone and got the same thing
J: whoa
A: now he's not picking up my calls at all
J: i am calling now
J: right
J: it seems to be off
A: oh damn
J: I think it is your phone-dämmerung
J: ok but you can go online and see which numbers were called
A: they aren't showing up
J: hrm
A: Greg left a message in Spanish offereing money
A: which I just listened to
A: it was great
J: haha
A: Sieglinde is going to the Salome premiere too
J: oh awesome
J: that will be so fun
J: I hope our seats are decent
A: Alan Held will be an interesting Jokana-an
A: I feel like he leans a bit more to the low end of the baritone spectrum than standard Jokanaaaaaans
J: yeah tho Wozzeck has some high stuff
J: ok I sent a text to your phone
J: the from will say "We Located You"
J: and the text says:
J: We have spoken to our attorney who will be contacting you shortly. To avoid legal action, we suggest you call 917-302-2515.
A: ooh
A: good stuff
J: that was all the characters it would allow
A: hopefully they can read English
J: I sent another that the from will say "Stop Using Phone" and the text
J: This is an official
warning. Stop using this phone immediately and call 917-302-2515. We are pursuing legal action.
A: sweet
J: and another
J: Police Contacted
J: We are contacting the New York City Police Department. To avoid further legal action, call 917-302-2515.
J: I am hoping it will just freak them out
A: I don't think they've actually turned it off yet
J: they are probably madly reading texts
J: are you going to try Bayreuth?
J: I was listening to a Parsifal broadcast today
J: and it made me want to go so bad
J: not that it was even so wonderful
A: shnap
A:I was going to do that JFerrantel: but the whole thing seemed so neat
A: we missed all the ring b-casts
J: yeah but they are rebroadcasting them all
A: oh really?
J: yeah
J: scroll to the bottom
J: I went ahead and started the 76 year process of applying for tickets
A: natch
J: and mailed in a request for a booking form
A: bayreuth is a 4-5 hr drive from berlin
A: but Lydia has a flight from Heathrow two days before me
J: is Berlin the closest big city?
J: ohhh
J: so like you could stick around
A: so I'm actually trying to figure out what to do with about 48 hrs
J: um
J: clearly
A: I could go back to London and crash at her mother's house
A: and see London, which I never have
J: yeah London is wonderful
J: if they start selling
single tickets for the Canada ring I thought about going up on a Friday and doing Siegfried and G-Dams
A: nice
A: toronto, right?
J: yeah it is usually real cheap to get there
A: well, keep me apprised
J: will do
A: in Bayreuth there is a "Lohengrin thermal spa"
A: hopefully adjacent to the "Gotterdammerung massage parlor"
J: Lohengrin Thermal Spa??
J: haha
A: "Ask about our ambiguous happy endings"
J: Rienzi Coffee Shack
A: haha
A: Parsifal Stop n' Shop
J: I was thinking today what a bummer it would be to wait 9 years for Bayreuth tickets and then get Fliegende Höllander
A: yeah
J: not to talk shit about DFH
A: that would be weak
J: but...y'know
J: weak
J: I never had dinner
J: I had a heavy lunch
J: I sort of want Mac and Cheese
J: and Sangria
A: ooh
A: that sounds so good
J: I mean
J: I could make that happen in under 20 mins
J: I have red wine and rum
A: you and your talents
J: I could go downstairs and get fruit juices
J: and Mac and Cheese
J: and ice
A: huh...I guess you have to change trains in Nuremburg
A: do it
J: I wonder if accomodations are a fortune
J: you can stay at "Das Liebesverbot Motor Inn" but you might get scabies
A: hahaha
J: that would be a great adventure
J: I mean
A: the hotels don't seems so bad
J: Bayreuth!
J: like
J: you will be so close
J: and if you just devoted one day to getting up at dawn and waiting in line
J: what are the days you are there?
J: potentially?
A: it would be 21 to possibly 23 if I could figure out how to get back to London by the next morning
A: it's a parsifal, a DHF and a Walkure
A: not parsifal
A: tristan
A: uh, and not DHF
A: but Rheingold
A: the tristan has Nina Stemme
A: I mean, here's a hotel that looks perfectly respectable for $88
A: the "Meister Bär Hotel Bayreuth"
J: perfect
J: this is not my finest Sangria effort. But it is drinkable.
A: "I'll drink that"


Jonathan said...

Alex, remember that time when you posted my phone number on the blog?

ACB said...

I've missed you guys! I love these IM transcripts... =]