Sunday, August 13, 2006

Going to all of them...on purpose

J: so, you think cheap ass seats are fine for the Villaon/Trebs Boheme right?
A: oh yeah
J: like, who cares
J: it's Boheme
A: whoa
A: she's only doing the one?
J: yeah
J: weird right?
A: very
J: they are just slipping it in there
J: it is sort of amusing
J: so, fam circ row G for $15
J: I support this
A: yes
A: that is sweet
A: $5 more than a movie ticket strikes me as a really pretty sweet deal
J: seriously
J: it's awesome
J: hm, what about Don Carlo
J:: I wonder if nice-ish seats are worth it
A: this is nice/silly
A: oh good...that is early December
A: that looks so hot
J: are you going to be around then?
A: we have pretty much all of december off, so I assume I'll do a trip
A: its the quarter system thing
J: oh sweet
A: that's great they are keeping the same cast for the whole thing
J: yeah that is great
J: did you see Drowsy Chaperone?
A: Ino
J: it is so fun
A: this was your second time, right?
J: yeah
J: I liked it even more I think
A: cool
A: it is on the short list for sure
J: History Boys was very different than I imagined
A: Trebs sounding nice here
A: and making funny faces
A: how so?
J: have you read reviews?
A: no
J: well, it's very sexual
A: huh
J: I thought it was just like "oh so inspiring teacher and his pupils"
A: yeah...
A: Like stand and deliver with more cleverness and no mexicans
J: precisely
A: not so?
J: but instead it's like stand and deliver with more cleverness, no Mexicans, and the teacher touches their privates
J: and they sort of like it
J: and use it to their advantage
A: oh shnap
A: uh
A: didn't see that coming
J: yeah
J: and like, one of the students is gay and really sweet and open about it
J: and there are little interludes where he sings old standards
J: it's actually completely wonderful
J: but just very different than I thought
A: oh good
A: someone I talked to had been underwhelmed by it
J: oh that's too bad
A: good to know otherwise
J: I thought it was really awesome
J: I have a few gripes about the play I guess
J: but ultimately it's pretty awesome, and a wonderful cast
A: check this deconstructed Carmen:
J: did you watch the Pearlfishers stuff after the trebs clip?
J: oh this looks awesome
J: I'd watch that Carmen
A: yeah
A: the grease on RV was out of control
J: Marina is one hot babe
J: I have only seen her play a man
A: fo'
A: reals
A: what did you see her in?
J: Fledermaus
A: I wonder if there is a full DVD of this somewhere
A: this looks great
A: Carmen can be pretty awesome sung well with no kitsch
J: you could do a December trip that included Don Carlo and the Netrebazonko Boheme
A: what is the date on the Trebs boheme?
J: Dec. 5th
A: nuts
A: I guess it doesn't actually end til the 9th
J: your semester?
A: yeah
J: total nuts
J: oh well
A: if you end up doing a DC after that, let me know though
J: ok. I will go to the first one, but there's nothing to stop me from going to another, if you are in town
A: bien sur
J: schweet
J: front row balcony for Jenufa
A: so awesome
A: I'm going to have to figure out how to get away for that
A: although it may of course cause permanent emotional damage
J: it's true
A: who is "begley"?
J: he is great
J: Kim Begley
J: he was the father in AmTrag
A: Not Ed Begley Jr.
J: or maybe Ed Begley Jr.
A: any word about the alternate Kostelnicka?
J: Judith Forst
J: Greg says she is good
J: I bet she will actually sing it at least
J: I am very excited for live Salome
J: with Voigtola
A: I feel like you might accidentally go to all of them
J: well I have thought about going to all of them on purpose
A: That woman doing that role is going to make people freak the fuck out
J: I know--she has done it before in this production
J: but now it is post-Salome so I feel like people want to go crazy for her. And I support that.
J: I may make myself watermelon margaritas tonight
J: um
J: Alelx
A: Joln?
J: have you looked at Parterre in the last few days?
J: scroll to the 2nd to last one
A: why yes, yes I did see that
J: now I just need to freeze myself
J: for two years
A: ha
A: That may affect my post-graduate school decisions
J: as well it should
A: "I was going to do the peace corps, but Mattilla is back in Salome, so..."
J: haha
J: I would protest so hard if you did the peace corps
A: yeah, I'm thinking that's not going to be such a danger
J: hah
A: digging ditches in Botswana doesn't so much pay down the graduate school debt
J: less so
A: some nice gheorghiu here:
J: that is lovely
J: tho f-ing you tube keeps crashing my browser
A: huh
A: weird


Maury D'annato said...

Oh, the quarter system is so not your friend. You will grow to loathe, I predict, the quarter system.

Anonymous said...

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