Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Manatees of Summer

A: whatup
J: wassup
J: I got our tix
A: oh yay
J: woo!
A: I am sehr stoked
J: it will be totally fun
A: did you see about the manatee?
J: ?
J: no...
J: neat!
J: I wanna see it
A: I know!
A: let's take off work and hang out at the pier tomorrow
J: I got a neat Parsifal on the most random label
A: calling "manatee..."
J: "here manatee tee tee tee tee"
A: "prrrrow Manatee...chik chik chik chicken"
J: hahah
J: "Andrew!! I mean....Manatee..."
J: dude the 'tee was in my neighborhood
A: it's everywhere!!
A: I guess not the east river so much
A: altho I would not wish that on the 'tee
J: seriously
J: he's totally a west side 'tee
J: anyway this Parsifal
A: yes
J: is from Bayreuth 1951
J: Knappertsbusch
J: w/Windgassen, Martha Moll, George London (Amfortas), Ludwig Weber
and for a live 1951 recording is in awesome sound
J: especially on a label with Korean writing on it
A: ha
A: sweet
A: how is the w-gassen?
J: he has not come on yet. I just got it today and am still in the big Gurnemanz monologue
I feel like 1951 W-gas will be good
A: I feel I may be too down on him just cuz I associate him with doing some croaking Siegfried
we'll see how this is
it was like 2¢ on Amazon
A: dope
A: I am trying to choose a hotel in Berlin'
J: that is so rad
A: it is difficult
A: I have a general idea of what is a good place to be
A: but have to google map everything
J: right
J: but that is fun planning
A: no doubt
A: did you see my last IM today?
J: about Greg's Español message?
A: about going to the London Sunday
J: no!!!
J: you are going??!
J: ahhhhh!
A: I'm going to have a night or something there
you must go
A: consolation for Bayreuth
J: what night are you there?
A: I think it will just be the 23rd
A: I may stay with Lydia's mother on the 22nd
J: theater is so damn cheap there
J: the most expensive tix are 45 GBP
A: which actually is broadway comparable now that the dollar is such ass
A: but shouldn't be
J: hah right
A: there should be an advocacy group "Americans Against the Dollar Being Ass"
J: Alex Allied with Delta Burke's Ass
A: hahaha
A: I'd sign that
J: "I'll drink that"
A: nast
A: I love that Delta Burke, even tho she is reportedly a crazy-ass Republican
A: wait
A: I'm thinking of the other Designing Woman I really love
J: are you thinking of Dixie Carter?
A: yes
A: why she gotta be like that?
J: yeah no kidding
J: oh Gurnemaz shut up
A: 'manz: I get it
J: I drink so much Seltzer
J: there are empty seltzer bottles everywhere in here
A: it goes fast
J: oh neat our Salami tickets came
A: aw
A: sum
A: are you set for the Minghella butterfly business?
all set
I am psyched
A: did you see there's a Robert Wilson Butterfly?
oh neat
A: Pat Racette did it in Los Angeles
J: I thought Pat Racette only "did it" in Park Slope
A: hehe
A: there was a review in that Opera News with 'trebs ta-tas on the cover
J: oh that like "barely legal" Trebs shot
A: The Trebs as Penthouse filler shoot, yes


Anonymous said...

Alex, you should stay at the Opera Hotel in Berlin. It's fairly central and it each room is named after a different opera. And it's fairly inexpensive. Look for it on www.venere.com

Anonymous said...

Found the address of the Hotel Agon Opera. It's at Kurfurstendamm 180.