Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why would he play football like that, Murph?

A: there is great discontent in Chicago this evening
J: oh did the Bears lose that game after coming back?
A: no, they came back and did win
J: oh swell
A: but it did not negate the shitty playing
A: and everyone is upset
J: ah
J: weird
J: I like it here where no one cares
A: right
J: people care some about the baseball, but I feel sort of distanced from it
A: people are like committing suicide on 670 "The Score" right now
A: even though they actually won
J: hah
A: the guy on right now can barely speak he is so concerned
J: hah
J: that is retarded
J: and sort of great
A: "I mean, Murph, he, like, he, I mean, how could he fumble? Like, why would he play football like that? Why Murph?"
J: evidently the Lyric is going to start broadcasting now?
A: ?
A: where did you see this? JFerrantel: Greg told me
A: I feel like they do some broadcasts, but nothing regular
J: well, the are broadcasting the Salome this Saturday
A: oh sweet
A: Windows media player is f'd up on this @#$)(#$ computer and I can't get sirius yet
A: I want it oh so bad
J: ok I would suggest doing what I did
J: which is buying a receiver and Sirius boombox online
J: and just plug it in
J: and go nuts
J: like used on ebay I mean
J: mine was a floor model and just had a subscription active on it that could stay active forever
J: or not
A: huh
A: I thought the units were relatively kind of expensive
J: I got a boombox online for $10, an receiver for $10, paid about $40 for shipping and $25 for an adapter
A: dang
J: so I paid about $75 all-in
A: does it make you happy?
J: it makes me pretty happy
J: the sound quality is really good
J: and when they are playing Bel Canto bullshit, there's always the Martha Stewart channel
A: good thing
A: literally
J: I wonder what she has on now
A: Martha After Hours
J: the one bad thing is that when they are not broadcasting opera
J: they play really random and often sort of lame stuff
J: like random period recordings of random movements from concerto grossi
A: um
A: boo
A: I thought the filler was all historical stuff?
J: they play the historical stuff all day
J: but there is space between them
J: and then from like midnight to 6AM is all the lame stuff
A: ah
J: there is also the showtunes channel
A: oh right
A: is that good?
J: yeah
A: that seemed like a good alternative
J: the mix of stuff is really amusing
J: like, "What's the Use of Wonderin" from Carousel will be followed by "Defying Gravity"
A: haha
A: that sounds like my kind of station
J: totally
A: p.s. I just realized I had two diet cokes in the fridge when I thought I had none
A: *bonus*
J: oh sweet!
A: they are going to help me as I try to graph demand functions
J: on a similar note, I just remembered I had some delicious ice cream in the freezer I had forgotten about
A: also *bonus*
J: oh btw
J: Juntwait is so much cooler on the nightly broadcasts
J: it's not as scripted
J: and her intermission banter is sort of sweet
A: arg
A: I want it so bad
A: I literally spent all of saturday fucking with my computer and not doing homework trying to make it work
J: darn
A: there is some weird Microsoft thing, comme toujours, that is fucking up the process
J: hah they are playing "Comfort ye" from the Messiah
J: which, btw, I really love even though it is October and an opera station
A: that is nice
A: I am enjoying learning Messiah for reals for the first time
A: the conductor we have is kind of sarcastic but in a good way
A: like, he does these imitations of the sopranos but in good fun
A: no passive aggression
J: oh that is nice
A: today he was all "you're giving me kind of a speaker feedback sound, when I really want distant cicadas"
J: haha


Gregory said...

Are you doing Randy Swanson's Messiah at St. Clements?

Chalkenteros said...

Boys, also check out the "First Wave" channel on Sirius. A serious high. And Frank DeCaro has a humorous mid-day show on OutQ.


Alex said...


Thanks for the heads up...I will definitely check out the St. Clement's Messiah.


Good to know...hopefully my Sirius woes will come to an end soon...

InfoSik.Org said...

Good to know...hopefully