Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Disaster on the Roosevelt Island Swan

J: I love that second act business where Ortrud is going nuts and evokes the gods
A: her evil pagan gods
A: they should call that song "This Christian bitch is going to get it"
11:10 PM
A: so, what is up with you on Friday evening? I am thinking of doing something earlier at the Loreley, this bier garten/bar on the Lower East side
J: oh terrific
A: !!!
A: something is going down with the Roosevelt Island tram!
J: yeah!
A: it is stuck or something
J: it is stuck
A: 4 hours on the packed tram!!
A: brutal
A: oh man, and they are over the river
J: ok how hard can it be to make them move
11:15 PM
A: it lost power?
J: I guess so
A: eww
A: they had to bring diapers
A: oh man
A: I hope this doesn't bode poorly for the trams
J: well evidently this is the first big problem
A: these motherfuckers on Fox who don't have anything else to talk about "Boy, they're sure taking a long time to get out of that basket, huh?"
11:20 PM
A: whoa
A: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their baby
A: "Yay, yay, yay," said actress and fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley. "Bring her over so I can meet her."
J: shut up Kirstie Alley
J: oh did you see the Times review of last night?
J: you can see the Swan
A: I did
J: the Swan Fragment

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