Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Grail Knight to Remember

J: yay!!
J: wo0o!!
A: oh sweet!
J: it is fucking wonderful
A: !!!!
A: awesome!
J: the production is so neat
A: good swan?
J: well
J: it is a very robert wilson swan
J: let's call it a swan fragment
A: Der Wilsonschwan
J: the staging is wonderful
J: anyway KM sounded perfect
J: he sounded really great
J: Telramund was fabulous...the King was a cover
J: and was fine
A: neat
A: go KM
J: she fucking tore it up
J: and she and the crazy Ortrud really get into the Robert Wilson staging
J: it's all very posed and no one ever touches
A: what was the verdict on the 'Trud?
J: um
J: Scott liked her
J: and Greg's friend Alan liked her
J: she has a big vibrato
J: and it's definitely an "ugly" voice
J: some struggling up top
J: but she sounds right
J: and has a lot of power
J: and is way into it
A: dope
A: well that is gut to hear
J: the orchestra rocked out
J: and the orchestra all stayed and clapped for the whole curtain call--and the audience was very excited about the conductor
A: dude
J: the screaming from this audience was pretty genius
A: Wagner makes people crazy
A: it seems
A: mur
A: I am bummed I didn't go
J: oh I am not meaning to make you bummed
J: rather
J: excited that next week will be awesome
A: like bummed, but also stoked
J: right
J: I am a little obsessed with Karita Mattila. Not really because of her singing, which is very very good.
J: but just because she is such a presence and has a sort of strange but really wonderful voice
A: right
A: It makes me want to watch that Meistersinger video with her
J: it makes me want to go back in time and see the Salome
A: not the most ambitious time travel plans, but probably the most satisfying
A: PS, I had a funny moment in the laundromat earlier
A: where it was just me getting my clothes out of the dryer and this random woman
A: and Richard Marx' "Right here waiting for you"
A: comes on the radio
A: and all of a sudden it became almost uncomfortable
A: all because of that beautiful song
J: haha


Maury D'annato said...

The Salome was actually a lesser accomplishment, I'd say, than the Elsa. That's just me, though. It was more exciting as an event but less well sung.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I want to know what J finds strange about KM's voice.

Jonathan said...

Hi Lisa! Just to be clear--I really reallly like her. I think she is a real artist and a fine, fine singer.

I tend to have some reservations only about her uppermost registers. She has the notes, for sure. The sound spreads a bit, loses some focus, and sometimes you can hear a sort of airy quality accompanying the tone. It makes for occasionally less than thrilling passages up top.

But this would only be nitpicking about a singer I find, overall, really wonderful.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ah, okay, I see.