Saturday, April 29, 2006

How will it end?

J: the bcast is sounding gut
A: yeah
A: no warmup needed for KM today
A: she is on
J: seriously
J: wanna come over early for pizza and wine later?
A: k
A: that sounds nice
J: yes I thought that could be low key and pleasant
J: I love that line he just sang
J: that repeats a lot
A: yeah
J: throughout
J: oh fuck
A: jesus
J: hah!
A: what the hell was that???
J: oh no
J: haha
J: oh lord
A: man
A: that was such a wipeout
J: poor Hep B
A: damn
A: cue up the opera bloopers tape
J: haha
J: the strings in this part sound like the beginning of a newscast
A: haha
A: I wonder if that is any indication he might bail on later acts
A: !!!!
J: shit!!!!!!!!!
A: dude
A: he can't go on like that
J: I bet the cover will come on
J: poor Hep B
A: if i was backstage and had a good rapport with him I would be all "Ben, you are really, really good looking"
J: haha
J: Ben, you have a really pleasant face
A: there have been no mid b-cast substitutions this year have there?
J: no
A: it will be interesting to see how juntwait handles that
J: well
J: I bet they would broadcast the Volpe announcement
A: these are the moments that make or break a metropolitan opera radio network announcer
A: holy mother of god
J: ahhh!
A: he cannot do the third act like this
A: it's going to be a catastrophe
J: no....please Ben
A: those are such terrible noises
J: good lord please just put on the cover
J: maybe he is fine
A: yeah
A: it is like watching an ice-skater fall
J: I know!
J: you feel like "shit if he couldn't get through the SHORT program. how will he ever get through this?"
A: ha
A: "maybe the judges will forget...I mean, they have to see it's a much better presentation than that Korean chick, right?"
J: "cracking on F's is an automatic deduction Jim. And big one"
J: hm I want to get a sandwich, but i don't want to miss any falls
J: good work
J: OK, brb. let me know if he lands on his ass
A: oof
J: ech
A: blew the triple lutz big time
J: that was not as bad as the others
A: no
J: still a deduction
J: meanwhile, Karita is the one to beat tonight
J: weak
A: yeah
J: suckola
A: technically still on his feet but basically just skating out the end of the song
J: the people of Brabant are all
J: "ok, well, nice to see you. We'll show you to your swan now"
A: haha
A: "Just how fernem did you say that land was?"
A: It's like musical cruelty to animals for that poor schwan
A: end this thing now
J: haha
J: seriously
J: Swan OUT
A:: just quietly take yourself behind a rectangle and think about what you've done
J: haha
J: wow, well what a way to end his Lohengrin run
J: so what I want to know is
J: if the swan is the duke
J: and he brings back the duke
J: then does he like hitchhike back to the Grail?
A: "Hey man, look, my swan turned into naked little boy, can I get a lift?"
J: hah
A: I hope he has this figured out by Parsifal
J: he will. I mean....he is really good; who knows what was up


ACB said...

You guys crack me up!

Thanks for the laughs... and the sports metaphors.

Jonathan said...

Well, you know us...we're real sporty. Though Alex did send me an email the other day that he was "breaking in his mitt" for a company softball game.

He wins.