Monday, April 17, 2006

Warning: Cat Nerdery Below

A: *link*
J: hahah
J: genius!
A: oh man
A: I can't get enough of that cat
J: haha
A: I think my favorite is this
A: like the perfect picture of those wierd moments when they temporarily get all zen about it
J: so cute
J: oh I want to bathe Andrew
J: I love those pictures
A: it is a bad day for the cats of people all across the country who are seeing those pictures
A: I'm totally bathing Samuel this week
A: altho he smelled like litter this morning, so he kind of deserves it
J: yeah
J: it is nice
J: andrew loathes the bath
J: but is all about the blow dryer
A: hehe
A: pictures are very much in order
J: yes
A: hrm
A: I don't know if I can rock the Lohengrin tonight
A: I feel dirty and all of a sudden have to finish this big thing by tomorrow
A: not like so big, but enough
J: well
J: at least you know we have tickets next week with nice seats and stuff
A: indeed!
A: I hope you like it
J: me too
J: I hope Karita is awesome
J: I think Hepatitis will deliver
J: Hep B as it were
A: Hep B in the haus, yo

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