Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunday night round-up

J: it was great not having rehearsal
A: so very, very nice
J: I really don't want to go to work tomorrow
J: I just want them all to go away
A: >:o
A: how was the rest of Manon yesterday?
J: it was good
J: she was sounding good and I liked the tenor
A: kewl
A: I saw Broken Flowers last night
A: such nice Bill Murray time
J: oh it is a nice movie
J: you shd see that movie Brick
A: oh that looks good
J: it is
J: drive-in season!
A: awesome!!!
J: woo!
J: there is one already open that looks really close
J: in Warwick, NY
A: oh sweet
A: I am watching Spiderman
A: on tv
A: and it just dawned on me
J: that she is Marie-Antoinette?
A: that tobey maguire probably didn't do any of the parts where the mask is down
J: huh
A: I mean, his voice when the mask is down must be dubbed over, right?
A: so all those parts when Marie Antoinette is giving him those nice looks, it is probably some random stunt dude
J: haha
A: BTW, have you/are you planning to see Don Pasquale?
J: oh yes---Tuesday, and I figured you and I could go together
A: oh cool
A: they are about to kiss upside down
A: done
A: G was so into that DP
J is idle at 12:43:29 AM
J is no longer idle at 12:45:04 AM
J: sorry--my parents called
J: yeah he loved the DP
J: and like he wasn't even going to go
J: because he hates the donizetti comedy stuff
J: but I was like "I am freaking giving you opening night tix"
A: and he was delighted
A: mexcellent
J: too bad we had to sit on stage and listen to Wawa Music
A: too bad indeed
J: I cut 8 out of 10 cat nails tonight
A: "B-"
J: hah
J: well there is sort of a curve becaue some were sharper
A: that is reasonable
A: Samuel needs some nail cutting stat
J: it is a tough task
J: and Samuel is pretty squirmy
A: I have to grab him when he is sleepy, and then it's very easy
J: Andrew let me do one whole paw with no fuss
J: and then caught on
A: when he is "in the mood"
J: haha
A: and I don't mean comforter humping
J: "Alex I'm not in the mood. mew."
J: he always in 'da mood for c-humping
A: true dat
A: Now I am watching Trading Places
A: I love not-cable
J: i have that on too
A: ha!
J: tho it is barely audible and I am facing away from it
J: neventherless
J: it is on
A: I had some good cheapo cuban tonight
A: that country is so great food wise
J: oh yum
J: what did you get?
A: pulled pork w/ port wine gravy and whipped plantains
J: um yum
A: it really was
A: note to selves if we are looking for somewhere to eat in westernly Soho
J: noted

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