Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bach Fantasy Camp

A: this is very nice about Bach
J: it goes pretty far in the direction of Bach fantasy camp
A: haha
J: Bach yelled at you. In fact, he despises you. He despises your children. You play the violin but you have no talent. Good fucking luck. Here's a cantata. Get outta town.
A: haha
A: thank you Bach, may I have another?
J: hah
A: you pay $5000 for you and a friend to punish little German children and hang out playing continuo for a week
J: and make lanyards


Grrg said...

The chapter titled "Facing Up to Bach's Dark Vision" in Richard Taruskin's Text and Act is referred to, colloquially, among certain parties, as "The 'Bach Hates You' Article"...

Alex said...

Thanks for the tip...I think the Bach as sadist joy is best expressed in hearing his ass-kissing letters to such and such asshole duke and wondering what he REALLY wanted to say. "My most holy liege," Read: "F your mom".